Welcome to Spakki!

Spakki.com is the easiest, quickest, low-cost and safest way to sell your music online!
Unlike any other similar online websites, Spakki.com will give you 100% revenue from your tracks, we instantly generate the 'Buy Now' links, you just need to share them on your blog and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube where your fans will find them and purchase your music, directly from you. No middle-man required!

Sign up now for FREE and get full access to a complete publishing tool to start monetizing your talent into the digital music world.

How does it work?

Spakki.com is really easy to use, you don't need any technical expertise.
After creating an account you will need to follow these 3 steps listed below to get
your fans to buy your pieces of digital art:

  1. Upload your .mp3 file:
    Log-in to your Spakki.com account and press the big "Add Track" button, then
    select your mastered work (.mp3 files preferably high quality).
    The upload will start automatically. Once it's done, your track will appear.

  2. Edit the price:
    Usually when signing your music with a digital record label you'll get 50% of the
    royalties every 6 months, Spakki.com instead, will get you 100% revenue, you
    choose the price for your tracks.
    Remember, this system is based on very secure PayPal transactions.
    PayPal applies small charges for Commercial Transactions based on where your
    fans are buying from. Click here for more info.

  3. Promote your Music:
    Once your tracks are ready to go, you can copy the "buy links" generated from
    Spakki.com and paste them all over the internet. FaceBook, MySpace, SoundCloud and Twitter
    are an example of the thousands of websites available out there where you can
    put the Spakki.com links and let your fans Buy your goods.

How do I get paid?

Since Spakki.com is based on PayPal payments, everything works around your PayPal email.
Once your fans click on the Spakki.com links, they will be redirected to a secure PayPal
page where your email or your customizable banner image will be shown at the top of
the page along the Track Title and Price.
From now on the payment process will be handled from PayPal and your fans will have to
login to their PayPal account and safely make the required transaction.

How much does it cost?

After the first Month FREE trial you will receive an email from Spakki.com in order to fully register you account.
The only cost of Spakki.com is a small monthly fee of £10 that you can pay securely
through your PayPal Account. You can also choose to get more months of service
at once. We will inform you when the service is nearly to the expiry date and we will
invite you to re-new it with an email containing related info. You can block your
account at anytime and if there are more months left they will be refunded.
The monthly cost of £10 for your Spakki.com account includes:
  • All publishing tools to get your music online, including upload, edit price,
    title and get buy now links.

  • Storage of your .mp3's. Download them at anytime, they are stored in secure
    folders into our servers. The only way to get your tracks is buying them or through
    your admin interface.

  • Online Support to help and guide you through your Spakki.com features at anytime.

  • Stay Safe: When your fans buy your music they will have a safe experience in buying
    and downloading your singles through our redirects to PayPal and "Thank You" emails.
    All payments will go directly from your Fans to your PayPal account.

  • We've made it just easy. In minutes you will have your Spakki.com links online and once
    your Fans buy your music, you will receive the payments instantly.