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The vision we have at SPAKKI is to empower artists like you to quickly sell your music directly to your online audience, while doing what you love.

Other similar services charge you a lot of money for each song you upload and take a staggering 50% away from your sales too, not to mention they will pay you only if you reach a certain amount of sales and... every 3-6 months! 

At SPAKKI, we uniquely do this better:
 You can release as many songs as you like.
 Sell your tunes singularly or on your SPAKKI shop page.
 Get paid in real-time when your fans buy your songs.
 Our Professional package pays 100% of the revenue.
 We enable your supporters to send you tip donations.
 We only charge a small monthly contribution.

Are you ready? Sign up now and let your fans support you in your musical journey. 

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How does it work?

SPAKKI is really easy to use, you don't need any technical expertise.
After creating an account  you're only 3 steps away from getting your fans to purchase your music.

1. Upload Music

Upload your songs, cover images and set titles and prices.

2. Share Links

Generate 'Buy Now' links and share them with your fans.

3. Get Paid

Everytime your fans purchase your music, you get paid instantly.

What's included in my account?

All publishing tools to get your music online, including upload, edit title and price. You can sell your songs singularly or on the online shop we generate for you.

Storage for your .mp3's is included on any of our subscription plans. You can download your songs at anytime. We store your music on our dedicated secure servers. The only way to get your tracks is buying them or through your admin interface.

Your supportes can easily buy your music as well as send you donations using our unique 'Tip the Artist' feature. 

All payments will go directly from your fans to your account, no middle-man involved!

Monday-Friday Online Support to help and guide you through your SPAKKI features at anytime.

This is brilliant, let me in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Promote your Music: Once your tracks are ready to go, you can copy the magic "buy links" generated by SPAKKI and paste them all over the internet. Your website, blog, email list and social networks like FaceBook, Instagram. SoundCloud and Twitter are an example of the best places out there where you can paste your SPAKKI links to let your fans know that they can now buy your music in just one click. You can also use your automatically generated SPAKKI shop page which lists all your tunes (from latest to oldest) that you can add to your own website and promote it as your own music shop.

Uploading your music has never been easier: Log-in to your SPAKKI account and press the big "Add Track / Song" button, select your mastered work (.mp3 files preferably high quality). The upload will start automatically and once it's done, your track will appear. 
You can now edit the title, description and create a price. Your song link is ready to be published.

Every time someone buys your music using your SPAKKI links, you will receive the amount in real time, we support PayPal, Bank Transfer and other payment methods. At payment completed, their mp3 download will start and since SPAKKI is a cloud based service, they can enjoy your music wherever they are.

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